• Day 3: Wednesday 10 May 

  • Full day side event



    European Climate Foundation meeting on energy democracy

    For ECF grantees only - Register via the Spring Gathering registration form

  • Starter stream

    These activities and workshops will focus on gathering community leaders from Eastern Europe and the Balkans to consolidate and support the community energy movement in the region

    Established stream

    These activities and workshops are oriented towards more established (or advanced) energy communities and members of REScoop.eu.

  • 09:30-11:00


    Spring Gathering Fair

    Location: Impact Hub & Eteron 

    Meet and brainstorm with other projects and organisations working on community energy during the Spring Gathering Fair

  • 11:00-12:30


    Show me the money: emerging financing opportunities for energy communities

    Location: Eteron

    The workshop will discuss potential public and private financing challenges and opportunities for energy communities in Europe. A range of different speakers, including from NGOs & energy communities, will present their experiences.



    Inclusion and Equality part 2: Energy poverty alleviation through community energy

    Location: Impact Hub

    As energy poverty numbers rose across Europe due to the current fossil fuel crisis, calls for a just energy future grew louder. Renewable energy and the official recognition of energy communities in the EU legal framework, offer the potential of alternatively organising and governing the energy system, based on social, democratic and ecological principles, instead of profit. The CEES project has been investigating different community energy mechanisms to tackle energy poverty. During this session CEES partners will help other energy communities set up a concrete action plan to tackle energy poverty, looking at concrete mechanisms, challenges and opportunities.




    Location: Impact Hub 

  • 13:30-15:00


    Closing, summary and next steps

    Location: Impact Hub 

  • 15:00-16:30


    Side event: Community energy law in Greece, Serbia, Poland and Bulgaria; Stock taking and bottlenecks

    Location: Impact Hub By invitation only

    In light of the Transposition of EU Directives, this workshop, organised by the Heinrich böll stiftung offices of Belgrade, Thessaloniki and Warsaw, provides an opportunity to energy policy experts, community energy leaders and representatives of support organisations to dive deeper in the current state of the legal framework on energy communities/prosumerism in the respecting countries and to overcome language barriers that often hinder knowledge exchange.

  • 17:00-19:00


    REScoop.eu General Assembly

    Location: Impact Hub For REScoop.eu members only



    REScoop.eu Member dinner

    For REScoop.eu members only