• Day 1: Monday 8 May 

  • Starter stream

    These activities and workshops will focus on gathering community leaders from Eastern Europe and the Balkans to consolidate and support the community energy movement in the region

    Established stream

    These activities and workshops are oriented towards more established (or advanced) energy communities and members of REScoop.eu.

  • 10:00-11:00


    Warm - up breakfast and activity

    Location: Eteron

  • 11:00-12:30


    Opening Session

    Location: Eteron

    General welcome by representatives from REScoop.eu, ELECTRA and the European Climate Foundation.

    Keynote speeches by:

    • Sokratis Famellos (Head of Energy and Environmental Policy of the SYRIZA-PA party)
    • Achille Hannoset (European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy)
    • Nuri Palmada - Som Energia
    • Sandy Fameliari - Greenpeace Greece
    • Ana Dzokic - Elektropionir
    • Sokratis Famellos - Head of Energy and Environmental Policy of the SYRIZA-PA party
    • Aretina Stefani - Young climate activist



  • 12:30-13:30



     Location: Impact Hub



    The energy revolution - setting the scene: Snails over Teslas: Building a new socio-economic and energy system that works for everyone

    Location: Impact Hub

    Our fossil-based, for-profit system is not fit for purpose. What role can energy communities play in reshaping it? What broader benefits can community energy bring, and how can these result in broader changes to our socio-economic system?


    The energy revolution - setting the scene: Energy markets and the role of citizens

    Location: Eteron

    How do energy markets work? Participants will be informed about different submarket prices, long and short term trading, balancing markets, cross-border electricity trade etc. Local markets will be the subject of the second part of the session, where the transactive energy will be thoroughly analysed.



    Coffee break


  • 15:30-17:00


    Getting started: a starter pack for energy communities

    Location: Impact Hub

    Practical tools to set up an effective and well-balanced governance model in energy communities, including statutes and internal regulations.


    What are the possibilities? Transposition process and enabling frameworks for energy communities: good examples around the EU

    Location: Eteron

    This session will provide an overview of what Member States have done so far to include the enabling framework elements in their national legislation and will share good examples that could potentially be replicated in other countries as well.


    Side-event: The benefits of energy data platforms for local energy communities.

    Location: Impact Hub

    Side-event hosted by Collective Energy Community: A collaborative and co-creation workshop to discuss the benefits/incentives of energy data platforms for local energy communities.



    Spring Gathering Dinner for starting initiatives