• Community Energy Spring Gathering


    8 - 10 May, 2023 - Athens, Greece

  • Back to the roots of (energy) democracy!

    The current and unprecedented fossil fuel crisis is calling us to radically rethink Europe’s energy system. Energy communities have an important role to play in this context, and opportunities for citizens to take action in the energy sector have increased in recent years, leading to innovative collaborations based on community values and democratic principles. Still, many citizens in different parts of Europe are struggling to get their projects off the ground.


    What’s more, the ongoing crisis is highlighting the need to strengthen and live our democratic values if we are to create a healthy and resilient society in our region and beyond. An important part of this is the development of concrete pathways to realise the cooperative movement's vision for energy democracy and for the economy. And what better place to co-develop such pathways than the birthplace of democracy?


    It’s time to get ready to unlock the next level of community energy!

  • Programme

  • Day 1: Monday 8 May


    Day 2: Tuesday 9 May


    Day 3: Wednesday 10 May


  • Trainers

    Meet the Spring Gathering trainers! Find out more about who we are and the organisations we represent.

    Get inspired by them here!

    Heleen Schockaert

    Stanislas d'Herbemont

    Dirk Vansintjan

    Stavroula Pappa

    Josh Roberts

    Chris Vrettos

    Kostas Dasopoulos

    Ioanna Angelaki

    Antonia Proka

    Daan Creupelandt

    Felix Kriedemann

    Myriam Castanie

    Óscar Guell

    Chris Giotitsas

    Roland Tual

    Sara Tachelet

    Srgjan Vidoeski

    Ryfka Heyman

    Dimitris Kitsikopoulos

    Anouk De Meulemeester

    Alba Paula Granados Agüero

    Siward Zomer

    João Lopes

    Erika Martinez

    Katharina Habersbrunner

    Miriam Rodriguez Ruiz

    Sara Gollessi

    Sara Capuzzo

    Nuri Palmada

    Ian Turner

    Lina Tsaltampasi

    Helena Battestini

    Ana Rita Antunes

    Sasa Petrovic

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